Sabine Chadborn

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 I had a wonderful upbringing in Germany where I was born and was blessed with a mother who taught me to appreciate even the littlest things in life.  I live in a country where possibilities are still endless, have a husband who supports what I am doing and we have a lovely daughter who is the best thing right after ice cream.  To top all that, I also have a job that I can't wait to get to.


A friend introduced me to the art of jewelry making in 1991; the same year I moved to New Orleans.  I have continued to educate myself futher in silversmithing ever since.  My most valued teachers are "Dr. Trial and Professors Error".  Both never say a word but are sure to be on my side whenever anything goes wrong.


I do not plan out my jewelry, but approach my workbench with a basic idea and work on a piece until I am satisfied with its final outcome.


Hammering, pressing, rolling and reticulating are the techniques I use to texture the metal and to give it a touchable, earthy feel.


I use semi precious stones and also beautiful fused glass cabachons (which I make myself) to adorn my creations.


My main goal is to create something unique.  Just like people, we are all different... various shapes and sizes, color and texture, but still come together in a beautiful way.


My work is as "one of a kind" as the person wearing it!