Kiki Huston
Although mostly self-taught, I have recently taken a few workshops to learn new techniques. This has been a powerful and valuable experience for me. I love the exchange of information, and the relationships that have been formed. I love to experiment in order to discover new ways to incorporate texture and color in my designs. Enamel, epoxy resin inlay, precious and semi-precious
stones are just a few of the ways I have found
to achieve this goal. I am continually finding new ways to fall in love with silver...

Life in New Orleans provides constant inspiration for my work, from the views of the lake, the flora of our surrounding wetlands, to our many religions and traditions. I believe that my work, while not always directly representational, reflects the richness and diversity of life in southern Louisiana.

I want people to be able to wear and truly
enjoy my jewelry, from the everyday to the special occasion. I find nothing more gratifying than knowing that my customers are happy.