Kelly Magee
  Because "I made that..." and "thank you" is apparently not an appropriate artist statement, I've tried to put together something a little more informative.
  I've painted for most of my life--continuing through college where I received a BFA in 1986.  An unrelated masters degree in Social Work from Tulane followed.  I've been making a living as an artist for more than 20 years now. I am filled with gratitude for that fact daily, as I have learned that I have a personality suited for little else.  With eclectic practical skills that include woodworking, I make the frames and/or surrounds for most of my pieces.
  Whether little old ladies, cows, roosters, fish or New Orleans sights and scenes, I try to infuse a story or a bit of personality into my work. I hope that it makes the work more memorable.  I know that it makes it more fun for me to go to work every day.
  I make everything in my New Orleans studio and sell at select galleries throughout the US.  Visit my website or artistkellymagee on Facebook and instagram.
Kelly will do custom portraits of pets from your digital photo.  Just email her for details or visit her website.  She also maintains a selection of popular breeds in the gallery.