John Darre'

                                    cell: 504-812-8129
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  As a native New Orleanian, I capture memories of historic and iconic treasures
  of the city in my photography. I digitally manipulate my images until they reflect
  the mood, soul, and culture of what New Orleans is all about. My process uses
  the highest quality archival paper, ink, and framing materials. I was raised in the
  heart of central city on Washington and Prieur, watching the Mardi Gras Indians 
  congregate outside of my front door as a child. These memories formed the vision
 for my art. At age 13,I started working for John Deutschman Float Builders,learning
 from the artists as they sculpted and painted in the float den. My acrylic paintings
reflect what I experienced at my float building job. My art simply depicts what I grew
 up with. I am basically self-taught and have operated my studio here in the city for
 thirty-seven years. I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to share my work
 with you. Recent new work has brought me to New York and San Francisco,
 touching both coasts and making the circle complete.